2 – 5 Tips to Drop Fat in an Office Job

Tired of trying to loose fat whilst working in an office job? Stuck on the yo-yo trajectory where you take 1 step forwards and 2 steps back? We’ve been there. Monday – Friday is strict, you’re nailing your macros and workouts but then the weekend hits like a tsunami of booze, meals out and lack of sleep.

Today, we go into detail about our five best hacks to drop fat whilst working in a sedentary job over 60 hours per week. Through lived experience, often painful, we have learnt how to get lean and stay lean whilst balancing a busy professional career, social life and training schedule.

  1. Expect there to be challenges and make a plan for them 1:20
  2. Increase your energy expenditure by whatever means possible 8:20
  3. Don’t try and give up alcohol 11:50
  4. Accept that it’s going to be a slow process 17:50
  5. Have meal strategy – whether that is prep, outsourcing or just knowing what you’ll eat in the day 24:00

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