#7 – How to Thrive After Being Made Redundant

Today is a little bit of a divergence from fitness, where we sat down with Jon Seymour, MD of Hubbl, a digital marketing agency that help start ups to scale their business online. Today we talked to Jon about how he started and grew his online business after being made redundant. I’ve known Jon since university and remember thinking “why is he wasting his time learning how to build websites” – fast forward 10 years and how wrong I was.
Jon started Hubbl after being made redundant completely out of the blue. After searching for jobs, he decided to pursue something slightly different and is now going from strength to strength. There is a lot of value to be taken from this episode for listeners who may be going through a similar situation now, or worried of this happening in the current economic climate as we move through Covid-19.
Expect to hear about:
  1. Being made redundant with two kids and a mortgage
  2. Starting your own online business from scratch & jumping on the web design gravy train early
  3. Saying yes to EVERYTHING
  4. How to structure your day as an online entrepreneur who works from home
  5. How to cope with being made redundant
  6. Importance of niching down – deciding who you want and who you don’t want to work with
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