#9 – Running International Sporting Events & Staying in Shape

Today we sat down and talked to Laura Hillyard. Laura is a competitive athlete & sports agent who works a full time job, organising some of the biggest sporting events in the world (think Champions League, Euro 2020, Tokyo Olympics, World Athletics Championships and you’re on the right track).
With this, comes the need to travel on an on-going basis where you could be in one country today and another tomorrow. Combine this with the commitment of training 4-5 times a week and we think Laura is a pretty damn good case study of a busy professional prioritising their health and fitness.
We chat to Laura about how she combines her training with a really hectic lifestyle, and how she came back from a pretty serious injury in here early twenties.
Expect to hear about:
  1. Who Laura is and what she does 3:00
  2. How Covid has shattered the sporting events industry this year 7:00
  3. How Laura’s training & fitness regime has changed with becoming a working professional 20:00
  4. Recovering from a long term injury 25:00
  5. Laura’s training regime 45:00
Connect with Laura below:
Instagram: @Laurahillyard
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