Wow – what an episode today and what a guy. We went to school Dr Jon Xue Zhang about 15 years ago and have followed him on social media ever since.
Jon is a psychologist, holds 2 PhDs, plays piano to an extremely high level, teaches martial arts, and has starred in movies such as the Gentlemen and Hobbs and Shaw with Dwayne Johnson (AKA the Rock!). Oh, and how could we forget him starring on Take me Out a few years ago.
Jon’s attitude to training, martial arts, meditation and life in general is inspiring and incredibly humbling.
Also, he moves like an actual ninja! Be sure to give this a listen and expect to hear about…
Expect to hear about:
  1. What it’s like being thrown over a table by the Rock
  2. Jon’s history of martial arts
  3. How meditation can be an absolute game changer for you
  4. How to defend yourself in a combat situation
This amazing video portrays what Jon is all about:
Connect with Jon Xue below:
Instagram: @xuezhangphd
Get in touch! Join the discussion with us and other like minded listeners in the episode comments on the GramFitness YouTube Channel or message us…

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