Today Ben sat down with Matt Phelan, CEO and Co-Founder of the Happiness Index. Matt has founded and ran several successful businesses with his latest endeavour focussing on giving companies data based insights into their employees mental fitness and wellbeing.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak to Matt about what the Happiness Index does, how employers can use data to empower their employees, and what the future of work will look like. Expect to learn about why the King Beyond the Wall in Game of Thrones had his life philosophy bang on, why god has no grandchildren, and how cold showers will change your life.

00:30 – Who Matt is and what the Happiness Index does
07:45 – Starting your own business & empowering people
14:00 – The 3 types of CEOs
22:00 – Converting the cynics
28:00 – What the future will look like
30:00 – How fitness can help businesses, help themselves

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