Today we caught up with Rob from Nothing Barred Fitness (Tricky one today with two Rob’s on the podcast). Rob is a fellow flexible dieting evangelist who has become over the last 18 months. He has grown an excellent twitter following based on offering real value to people who (like us) have been sucked into the black hole of the fitness industry.

Today we talk about the importance of delayed gratification, stupid supplements that we have taken, how you can adapt your fitness approach with kids, applying Pareto’s law to fitness, and give some tangible fitness hacks for busy professionals.

00:30 – How Rob started Nothing Barred Fitness
06:00 – P*ssing off the anti-carb brigade on Twitter
09:00 – Rob’s fitness journey & mistakes he’s made
21:00 – The slippery supplement slope
32:00 – The added benefits of lifting
35:00 – Still making gainz with kids
43:00 – Top tips for busy professionals looking to get in shape

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