14 – Taking the Red Pill and Moving Online

Today Rob (although you can’t see me so apologies for that) sat down with Steve Hall from @ReviveStronger to talk all things fitness and business. Steve was Rob’s first ever coach, coaching him to his first win in a natural bodybuilding competition. Both Steve, Rob and Ben really got into lifting and actually met on an online forum back in the 2000’s. We discuss Steve’s beginnings and how he revived stronger, why Steve doesn’t look at analytics, jumping on the podcast bandwagon early, the importance of taking the plunge and risk at the right time.
We are sure you can take lots from Steve’s mindset to training and building his own extremely successful online business.
04:40 – taking protein shakes in the changing room for max gainz
06:00 – Steve’s journey of founding Revive Stronger
15:00 – the importance of red pill moments
17:00 – the skills required for online coaching
26:00 – the importance of just starting
33:00 – tips for moving your business online
43:00 – Steve’s routine for working at home
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