48 – Coaching and Progress with Brad Loomis

Today we had a fantastic discussion with Brad Loomis from 3DMJ. Brad is an OG of the online coaching world, and we’ve been following 3DMJ for about ten years as the gold standard of evidence based natural bodybuilding information. We really enjoyed talking to Brad about a wide variety of topics, ranging from how he feels the fitness and coaching industry will evolve, what you can learn from high level athletes, to his personal coaching mantra: 

  • The balance of science and anecdote 
  • How the type of clients that have been served evolved 
  • The benefits of longer term coaching
  • How Brad’s coaching style has evolved over time
  • Managing expectations 
  • Habits and behaviours from top athletes that you can learn from 
  • The importance of being boring 
  • How is the fitness industry evolving 

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