57 – 2021 Annual Review: What We Learned

Today Rob and Ben go through what we have learned in 2021, and how we plan to take those lessons into 2022. We share our views on what has worked for us, what hasn’t and what we plan to do about it next year. Let’s face it, 2021 has been another weird year so if you are planning on changing your current situation, give this a listen. Expect to hear about: 

  • Ditching previous routines
  • Benefits of reframing your relationship with caffeine 
  • Why less is more – Pareto’s law in action & focussing on 1 thing 
  • Morning walks over morning workouts 
  • Doing what fits your context 
  • Having a why means you can endure almost any how
  • Injuries are not the end of the world 

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