74 – Is Getting Shredded Worth it?

Today Ben and Rob discuss whether getting shredded is actually worth it. We’ve made the mistake of equating a lean physique with happiness.. Ever heard yourself saying “if I could just lose these last 10 lbs and then I could see my abs then I’d be happy”.. Well when does it go too far? Today we discuss when getting shredded (below 10% body fat for me, and 15% for women) is worth it. Expect to hear about

  • Defining shredded
  • How to tell when you’re at this stage 
  • Rob’s experience of getting shredded 
  • Importance of having a reason
  • How it can help you build resilience & give focus
  • The negatives; being boring & being cold all the time 
  • Dealing with hunger & food focus
  • Losing muscle and gym performance  

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