Day 1 – Nutrition Part 1

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Welcome to the start of the challenge!!! ???

Today we give you an overview of nutrition.?????

You have probably heard countless different arguments about “which diet is the best? Is it low-carb, keto, atkins, weight watchers, blah blah blah”

Or been told …”fruit makes you fat”

In reality… all those things are wrong.

Today we go through…

  • Nutrition myths and truths
  • Simple rules & principles to apply for fat loss

There is a lot to go through here so to avoid overwhelm we have split nutrition into 2 parts.

Your tasks for today:

  1. Get your starting calories – GramFitness Macro Calculator
  2. Let us know what they in the comments in the WhatsApp Group

This will give you a daily and weekly nutrition approach that you can manage around your life.

Grab your cheat sheet here —>>> 10-Day-Kickstart-Day-1-Nutrition-Part-1-cheat-sheet.pdf

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See you tomorrow for part 2 of nutrition!