Day 10 – Putting It All Together

Don’t forget to post the results of your task in the WhatsApp Group!

This is the final day of the KickStart… ??

The group will close in a couple of days, so if there are videos you want to watch again, or questions you want us to answer let us know. Once it’s closed, it’s closed.⛔️

Thank you for all your participation, you’ve been amazing!

Hopefully you’ve learned a huge amount about nutrition, training, how to deal with work and your social life and still stay on track and lots more.

You’re now equipped with the knowledge to make progress. But…Knowledge is one thing..Application is another..

At the start of the challenge we told you that this would be the last time you restarted your fitness journey ever.. ✅✅✅

We want to hold true to that promise. So we are giving you a one time only opportunity to continue your journey as a very special treat.

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Thank you!