Day 5 – Motivation & Mindset (and a special offer)

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This is a huge one for us – mindset and motivation!!

Ever started a programme only to fall off the wagon a few weeks later? ?

Ever said to yourself “I’ll start again next week”?

When life gets in the way it’s difficult to stay motivated.

Especially when the majority of fitness programmes don’t take your personal situation into account!

Wouldn’t it be great, never to have restart a programme again? ?

Today we give you a best strategies for getting started on your fat loss journey, and creating your own motivation to carry on..

SPOILER ALERT.. this does not involve looking at motivational quotes on Instagram…… ??

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Today we go through…

  • Common beliefs and myths that we have around motivation
  • Simple mindset shifts you can make
  • Simple rules for success

Grab your cheat sheet here —>>> 10-Day-Kickstart-Day-5-mindset-and-motivation-cheat-sheet.pdf

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