A 12 week personalised training plan that gives you all the tools needed to get results.

Just follow the GamePlan!
Loading your goal physique

What you get when you sign up for the GamePlan

  • A 100% customisable training and nutrition approach that will become part of your life, regardless of what else is going on
  • Built in calorie and macronutrient calculator, that allows you to set your own goals and level of difficulty. 
  • 12 week automated training spreadsheet that means this is the last training plan you will ever need to buy! We've tested this on ourselves and countless clients. 
  • Flexible training splits which allow you to select exercises based on your preferences as well as access to our Exercise Library
  • Lifetime access to our members only group, with regular Q&A, video deep dives and much more
  • An introductory video tutorial that walks you through everything you need to know about the GamePlan 
  • FREE BONUS access to our Working Professionals Ultimate Fat Loss Blueprint
Adam's results
Adam lost 15 lbs, got stronger, healthier and happier. He trained a couple of times a week, ate flexibly without excluding any food groups. 

No sins, points or keto diet. 

Just the minimum effective dose of training and nutrition.

Can you afford not to do this? 
Molly's results
Molly started lifting weights, stopped doing hours of cardio and began fitting the gym into her hectic lifestyle. 

She lost 8 lbs of fat, gained muscle and strength and started to enjoy the process of training. 

What is your time worth to you?

What gets measured gets managed. 

If you haven't started, now is the time. 

What is included in the GamePlan?

Macro Calculator

Your starting point

- 100% customised calorie and macronutrient targets
- Get your starring point nailed, so that all you need to do is take the little steps to start 
- Remove the guesswork of "how much should I be eating" and focus on what matters


Keep track of progress

- Enter your starting measurements for your physique
- Keep track of the changes you will see
- Track progress in other ways than just the scale! 

Exercise Library

Tutorials for each exercise

- Get video tutorials of every exercise that is included
- Comprehensive guide to keep your training interesting 
- Need to change an exercise? We've got you covered 

Mobility Routines

Remain injury free

- Comprehensive mobility programmes, focussing on the core issues most of our busy, professional clients face
- Dedicated exercises designed to reduce back pain, increase range of motion and gain mastery of your body 

Training Program

Underpinned by core principles

- Pick from a huge library of exercises to build your own routine 
- Discover how to structure your training around your life 
- Once the training cycle is complete, simply re-run with the automated weights prescribed

The goal in 12 weeks is very simple and straightforward...Make more progress, build more muscle and get stronger than you have every before 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the programme customised? 
There are several areas that are customised: 
- Create your own bespoke calorie and macronutrient targets using the macro calculator 
- Automatically plan your weight progression to ensure you are making progress on your lifts
- Pick from a huge library of exercises to make your own customisable training programme
What happens after the 12 weeks? 
The world is your oyster! Needless to say, you will be stronger, healthier and happier if you follow the plan. You can test your max lifts and then restart the programme, or you can decide that you want even further customisation and come on-board with us at GramFitness for training and nutrition coaching. Either way, long term progress is way more likely than going it alone. 
What happens after you sign up? 
You will receive an email with a link to download your programme. You just need to make sure this doesn't go to junk, and to ensure that you watch the instructional video that explains how to use the programming spreadsheet. 
How is this different from your standard training plan?
This is all about following our philosophy of training, ensuring you focus on the movement patterns you enjoy and feel comfortable doing so. Because we have such a large library of exercises and mobility protocols, you are able to find what works for you both in terms of exercise selection and weights you are using. 
I am new to weight training, will this still work? 
Absolutely yes. We have worked with multiple clients who all have varying levels of experience and skill levels therefore each program is designed for your specific abilities no matter how many years of training you have. If you are ever unsure on how something works then you are able to use the Facebook Group support whenever you want.
Do you need gym access? 
Not at all. Using a gym is preferable but we have options for home workouts, bodyweight sessions, home gym setups. We can tailor it to suit your needs and lifestyle.
What if I have injuries? 
Of course, we recommend that before you embark on any training programme that you consult a medical professional, particularly if you have any injury concerns. On the assumption that this has been completed, you can pick and chose exercises based on your preference and your ability to perform them. So no need to squat or deadlift if these hurt your back or knees - just pick a different exercise! 
What if I don't make any progress? 
We are so confident that providing you follow the coaching advice and instructions you will get results after 12 weeks. If however you can show us that you adhered to all the advice, took as much action as possible but still didn't get any results then we will offer you a full refund. We don't think that will happen though.
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