Our tried and tested approach to looking good naked whilst enjoying your life. 

Make more progress in 8 weeks than you have in 6 months. 
Loading your goal physique

What you get when you sign up for the GramProgramme

  • A day-by-day system for your nutrition and fitness to help you navigate through and enjoy the process of transforming your body, mindset and lifestyle
  • A 100% customised training and nutrition approach that will become part of your life, regardless of what else is going on
  • 6 weekly training modules to set you up for success for LIFE
  • Access to our members only group, with regular Q&A, video deep dives and much more
  • Masterclass modules on how to balance your fat loss goals around your lifestyle
  • Our famous GramProgramme diet and training plan that has allowed all of our clients around the world to drop 3-7kg in only 8 weeks...even whilst only exercising 2x per week, at home in their pyjamas!
  • Become part of a community of people on the same journey as you, with the ability to access your team of pocket personal trainers question and get the support you need, when you need it
  • A 30 minute 1-2-1 call with a coach at the start of the program to align on your goals for the upcoming 8 weeks sprint and discuss the approach, obstacles and strategies. Then a 1-2-1 call in the 8th week to give you the direction you need to continue smashing it!
Adam's results
Adam lost 15 lbs, got stronger, healthier and happier. He trained a couple of times a week, ate flexibly without excluding any food groups. 

No sins, points or keto diet. 

Just the minimum effective dose of training and nutrition.

Can you afford not to do this? 
Molly's results
Molly started lifting weights, stopped doing hours of cardio and began fitting the gym into her hectic lifestyle. 

She lost 8 lbs of fat, gained muscle and strength and started to enjoy the process of training. 

What is your time worth to you?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness industry right now is that “tracking your calories and macros is the answer reaching your goals”. This helps and goes a long way.

But it's hard to integrate that into your life, in a sustainable way.

What does this 8 week programme look like?

Week 1-2

Lift off

- We'll set you your 8 week goal
- You'll get access to your GramProgramme training plan
- You'll get access to your GramProgramme nutrition plan
- You'll get access to our private members group

Week 3-4


- We'll adjust everything as needed
- Discover how to structure your training around your life 
- Learn our coveted system to eat out, drink alcohol and still make progress

Week 5-6

Final sprint

- We'll check to make sure you're on track at the halfway point
- More adjustments made if required 
- We reframe your understanding of diet & exercise

Week 7-8

Above and beyond

- We'll do everything we can to ensure you hit your goal
- How to manage your recovery diet
- We cover options to progress after the GramProgramme

The goal in 56 days is very simple and straightforward...A drop Of 5-10% in bodyweight using the minimum effective dose of evidence based protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the programme customised? 
We use our initial 1-2-1 call to shape the next 8 weeks, looking at all the variables that are going to set you up to win. We then tailor the training program so that it includes exercises, routines and a level of difficulty that will allow you to succeed. Your nutrition plan is completely specific to your individual needs and allows you the flexibility to eat what you enjoy. You will also receive coaching tips and updates for you only.
What happens after the 8 weeks? 
We've designed this program so that we allow enough time for you to get great results in 8 weeks. After that period you have 2 options; you carry on without us applying the tools, frameworks and techniques you have developed or you decide you want to progress further and continue working with us. It's completely up to you.
What happens after you sign up? 
You will receive an email which will prompt you to book in a 1-2-1 call with your coach. You will also receive the on boarding documents which will require you to complete a Goal Setting form and Activity Questionnaire. We then require you start creating a baseline of measurements.
How is this different from a diet or meal plan?
This is all about following our philosophy of eating the foods you like and still achieving success. You will NOT be prescribed a rigid meal plan that you must follow every single day but you WILL be given a framework and calorie target that you need to hit to achieve your goals. It is designed to fit your lifestyle.
I am new to weight training, will this still work? 
Absolutely yes. We have worked with multiple clients who all have varying levels of experience and skill levels therefore each program is designed for your specific abilities no matter how many years of training you have. If you are ever unsure on how something works then you are able to use the coaching support whenever you want.
Do you need gym access? 
Not at all. Using a gym is preferable but we have options for home workouts, bodyweight sessions, home gym setups. We can tailor it to suit your needs and lifestyle.
What happens after the 8 weeks? 
After the GramProgramme is complete and you have your second call with a GramFitness coach, you can graduate to the 121 coaching programme. As a GramProgramme graduate you get access to this for a continued discounted rate down at £77 per month. If you do not wish to continue just let us know, we won't be offended. 
What if I don't make any progress? 
We are so confident that providing you follow the coaching advice and instructions you will get results after 8 weeks. If however you can show us that you adhered to all the advice, took as much action as possible but still didn't get any results then we will offer you a full refund. We don't think that will happen though.
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