The GramProgramme


One of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness industry right now is that “tracking your calories and macros is the answer reaching your goals”.  This helps and goes a long way

Balancing tracking macros and weights however can make it difficult to maintain an active social life, get enough sleep, and make time for other important things in your life like friends or family.

Both me and Ben have felt the struggle of:

After work beers leading to missed sessions. 

Working late in the office resulting in missed sessions.

Work meals ruining our macros.

We currently balance our fitness and diet around 60+ hour weeks in management consulting and marketing.

Our aim is to help busy people, who are time poor achieve sustainable progress with the minimum required fuss. We focus on keeping things simple for you, cutting out the BS of the fitness industry and delivering results.

The GramProgramme is the brainchild of the training, diet and overall lifestyle strategies we’ve used ourselves, and our clients to deliver results for you, despite the busy and stressful life we all lead.



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