My journey in to the fitness industry started 10 years ago as a skinny-fat ectomorph that had smashed one too many pints of cider and dominos at the student union, but also had no discernible muscle mass – hardly the perfect canvas to operate from.

My journey has has been life changing but also frustrating and ambiguous. I’ve tried restrictive, low carb, keto, intermittent fasting seeing some results, but living like a monk in the process. I’ve also tried silly weight training regimes that train to absolute failure all the time. This has all been whilst working full time in a professional careers which has its own nuanced challenges.

Guess what – now I know better, simpler and more effective ways to lose body fat, gain muscle and generally be more of a badass in all areas of life. So I decided to start a business that help people cut out the noise, and tip the scales in their favour.