Getting Lean for Summer – The Ultimate Office Workers Guide


March 7, 2020

In this article I'll lay down some simple home truths if you want to get lean whilst working in an office job, particularly before going on holiday.

But first, let me paint a picture of what normally happens in this siutation from my experience of both working in an office environment and with our clients....You say to yourself:

"OK, you're going on holiday in a couple of months. Time to commit to the gym, smash 5 workouts a week and go keto until Ibiza in August"

You want to lose some weight and feel better in yourself before you go. I totally get that.

Get the washboard abs n that..

Your holiday is two months away. That's ages you tell yourself.

"I'll get a personal trainer in two weeks and then that will be sorted."

Two weeks passes and the Raul, the best Personal Trainer that David Lloyd has to offer has no spaces for new clients.

"Damn. It's ok, I'll just do 30 mins on the treadmill for the next couple of weeks and I'll be fine."

But the next couple of weeks is really busy at work and you don't end up finishing in the office until late most nights, picking up something quick on the way home to eat.

Plus then you have your actual life to live..

Fast forward another few weeks and now you're thinking

"Shit. I'm going away next week. Let me wrap myself in a bin bag and sit in the sauna twice a day for 20 minutes to drop some last minute body fat"

Needless to say, this probably won't work. The sands of time have gone against you yet again.

I know countless people who have gone through the above process becoming frustrated at the fact that they set themselves a goal (to get leaner on holiday) but do not achieve this.

Plus, we already know keto generally isn't optimal for most people as we covered this in a previous article here.

The sands of time have betrayed you once again

Let's think of some ways this situation could have been improved

1. Make it so easy to start that it will feel ridiculous not to

It's really demotivating to set your self a goal you know you probably won't achieve. An example here is:

"I will lose 4 kilos a month for the next 3 months"

My friend, that just isn't going to happen.

Better to say to yourself

"I will aim to lose half a kilo every two weeks, or 0.2 - 0.3 kg per week" - this is what the research tells us is sustainable fat loss.

This is a much easier thing for us to comprehend as humans.

This way, it's also relatively easy to start this.

2. Get to know the basics of nutrition and how to lose fat

The secret of fat loss is simpler than the fitness and nutrition industry would have you believe. The main determent of fat loss is a calorie deficit.

This is the same as energy balance on the bottom row of the food pyramid, underpinning all other components.

This means...

You gotta eat less calories than you burn.

Use our free calculator to work this out by clicking below

Click here for the free calorie calculator and take the guess work out of your goal

What this doesn't mean is that you need to start the BooTea clense detox, or fast for 4/7 days.

Carry on eating the foods you enjoy but just manage the overall quantity in line with your results from the Calorie Calculator.

Credit to Eric Helms:

3. Move more

This can be as simple or as complex as you like.

If you're reading this you probably like the concept of lifting stuff or being active.

If you don't, then you should probably start!

  • Start lifting weights.
  • Try CrossFit.
  • Aim for 10,000 steps per day or 70,000 over the week.
  • Get off a stop earlier from your normal commute and walk the extra distance, or park slightly further away from the office than normal.
  • Take the stairs over the lift.
  • Take a spin class in your lunch break.
  • Sprint as fast as you can to the fridge when you next need something to eat... (I'm joking, this will probably not make much difference and may lead to many a brusied shin or stubbed toe)

    You get the gist. Move more and you will burn more calories.

    4. Become accountable to someone

    What do I mean by this...

    A great definition of accountability I found goes as such..

    "a personal choice to rise above one's circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results (1)."

    I love this definition because it really nails it on the head. It's about taking full ownership and responsibility to try and achieve your goals.

    Accountability can take many forms.

    The most powerful forms I have found and personally used for myself and clients is:

  • Get a coach. They will keep you honest.

  • Let people know you are doing this, especially if you see them regularly.

  • Sign up to something. Put your money where your mouth its.
  • Join a group of people that have the same shared interest. In this instance it is not looking like Shamu the whale on
    Benirrás beach.
  • Jocko Willink who is a military veteran from the USA sums it up very well in the video below, with his idea of extreme ownership.

    5. Know whether you are winning or not

    You need to take various measures at points to let you know whether you are progressing. In the earlier example, maybe Raul would have done this for you.

    Fuck you Raul, we don't need you no more.

    Buy some electronic scales (I use these) and weigh yourself at the same time, in the same place post toilet every day.

    Then take you average weight over the week and see if it goes down week to week.

    You might also want to take some progress photos.

    Get your partner, friend or next door neighbour (depending on how friendly you are with them, they may get the wrong idea) to take a photo of you in your pants facing forwards, to the side and then to the rear.

    Photos are great because they allow you to see the physical transformation that you are making over a gradual basis.

    What next?

    Try the Gram Programme. This is our tried and tested method of losing fat or gaining muscle. We've distilled our combined 20 years of experience in and out of the gym to a set of simple, repeatable processes that are guaranteed to get results.



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