5 Ways to Get a Booty Like Kim K


February 14, 2020

The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

All it takes is a simple Google search ‘Kim K butt workout’ and the results pages are just littered with eye catching headlines such as “Kim Kardashian Butt Workout - 6 Glute Exercises to Try” or “Kim Kardashian's Complete Butt Workout”.

Or my personal favourite “15-Minute Butt Workout - Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian” written by the gurus of fitness (Vogue magazine) which neatly distills down the complexity of both muscle growth and fat loss into a simple 15 minute workout……

Let me share a couple of hard truths before we go any further:

• You cannot build a booty like JLo or Kim K in 15 minutes. Fact.

• Take any female athlete you admire and imagine them doing the 15 Minute Butt Routine just to make sure they have a perky bum (don’t think for too long), it’s not likely to be high on their priority list.

• Resistance bands will not ‘tone’ your booty no matter how many banded side steps you do.

What this article will not give you is 5 different ways of stringing yourself up in the cable machine like a spider in a web attempting to squeeze out another glute crunch.

The wider point here is not to be confused or simply led to believe that achieving the physique you want is easy.

Anyway why would you want a bum so disproportionate to the rest of your body? It’s like the guy who just trains his biceps, nobody likes that guy.

OK so you are probably feeling a little deflated now...the quest for the perfect booty has hit a road block and you don’t know where to look. Don't worry - keep reading.

Luckily this article will address your concerns plus more if you are:

• A beginner to the weights area in the gym and a little unsure where to start

• Looking to ‘tone up’ but sick of pounding the treadmill or tarmac for hours with no results

• Currently participating in every Boxercise, Pump, Legs Bums & Tums or Bootcamp classes and not seeing the definition you were promised

So it all came to me during one of my morning gym sessions. You always see the same faces who are in the same routine as you are, occasionally have the odd conversation with others who are training or sometimes even get chatting to the PT’s who are finding something to put away.

What stands out though, is that some people simply just do not change what they are doing and consequently do not change physically.

I write this as I wince my way through a toe curling flashback to a much younger me in the gym, smashing my biceps to within an inch of their lives each and every single session in the relentless pursuit of looking like Jonny Wilkinson.

There I am, 4 days a week in my Soulcal joggers and tank top, pumping chest and bi’s just like Men’s Health said I should. Gritty and determined under the promise I would be shredded in 28 days and boasting 3 extra inches to my arms and chest whilst dropping 10lbs of fat. Provided I just keep doing the “7 Arm Exercises Guaranteed to Rip Your T-shirt Sleeves” routine I read about.

Recognise these types of headlines? Credit: www.menshealth.com

Unfortunately the joke was on me. Did I even take a minute to address the fundamentals? Of course not.

1. Was I lean enough to even see my bicep definition?

2. Did I have a solid foundation of muscle & strength in which to build a good physique on?

3. Were the exercises I was doing the most efficient & practical use of time and effort in the gym to give me the body of Jonny Wilkinson?

No is the answer to the above.

It probably took around 5 years for me to really understand. There is no magic workout, there is no secret trick and there is no perfect diet that is going to give you the body and booty of your dreams.

The answers to the fundamental questions are not, annoyingly enough, hidden behind glossy headlines designed purely for sales or packaged neatly in a box which conveniently enough have a dosage of 5 x a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life until you re-mortgage your house to carry on buying it.

However, luckily for you, I have outlined 5 simple and practical tips below which will set you in the right direction to achieving the booty and body you want!

1. Know what your body needs and how much of it:
• Track your overall calorie intake using any calorie tracking app (1) (MyFitnesspal)

• Use as an energy calculator to figure out how many calories you personally require in order to maintain your weight, lose fat or gain muscle.... We have created one for you to use right here: Free macro calculator

2. Ditch doing ONLY assistance exercises:

• Who actually has the time in their busy day to do banded side steps

• Aim to lift weights 3 times a week as a minimum

• Focus on the compound exercises at the beginning of your workout to stimulate muscle growth & increase both your direct and indirect calorie expenditure

Deadlifts, Bench Press, Squats, Over Head Press are great examples. Barbell based exercises allow you to accumulate higher volumes and greater muscle activation therefore burning more calories (2)

Hold Up...What’s a compound I hear you say?

Eric Helms defines this as “A compound movement is the combination of a bunch of different joints and muscles coordinated together” (3)

3. Stop kidding yourself with 3 hour cardio sessions.
• Studies have shown that high intensity lower volume training yields identical metabolic adaptions as endurance training during and post exercise (4)

• Therefore you can afford to be more efficient with your time

• Prioritise what is going to have the biggest effect on your specific goal.

4. Be persistent.
• It won’t happen overnight (shame I know)

• Rule number 1 of any training program is Adherence (5)

• Set yourself attainable goals each week, month and quarter. Otherwise, how will you know you are making progress?

5. Squat.

• Deserves a section for itself

• It directly trains your Gluteus Maximus (the bum) and Quadriceps. As you can put more weight on the barbell it will allow you to achieve greater loads to be worked by your Glutes and Quads. Much more than any cable kickback.(6)

It’s not glossy and it’s not what you wanted to hear but it works.

Give it a try.

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