Welcome to the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart

Don’t forget to post your results in the WhatsApp Group!

This is a really quick video to welcome you to the group (excuse Ben’s grumpy face), and to introduce you to the topics that we will be going through each day when we start on Monday.

Rob and Ben are your in-pocket coaches for the next 10 days and you will have access via the WhatsApp Group to ask whatever you want (within reason!)

We typically see the best results when people engage with the group.

If we don’t know what you are struggling with, we can’t help!

So to get us off to the best possible start by:

1. Letting us know who you are?

2. Where you’re from?

3. What your scores are for the Fat Loss Kickstarter Initial Assessment form

and post your scores in the WhatsApp Group??????

Link to the form: 10-Day-Kickstart-Day-0-Starter-Questionnaire.pdf

Catch you tomorrow!


PS I’m sure you are all aware but we are not registered doctors or dieticians, so would recommend consulting a healthcare professional if you have any healthcare concerns at all.